Half. A. Century.

  Today--January 20, 2019--is my 50th birthday. Half a century since the day of my birth. The beginning of my fifty-first year. As this day has been approaching, and as I have been writing on this blog and tossing around the term "midlife crisis" like it weren't no big thang, it turns out if kind … Continue reading Half. A. Century.

A Man’s Guide to Online Dating Part 2

  Welcome back for part 2 of A Man's Guide to Online Dating. If you're here, it means you either have thick skin and aren't easily offended, or you stumbled across this post and haven't actually read part 1 yet. If you haven't, you might want to go back and give it a read, just … Continue reading A Man’s Guide to Online Dating Part 2

A Man’s Guide to Online Dating Part 1

It's a tough world out there in the land of online dating, for both men and for women. As I have referenced in a previous post, the experience is completely different for both, and both come with their challenges. Because I am a man, and because I believe how men act can make a world … Continue reading A Man’s Guide to Online Dating Part 1

Mid-Life Crisis Step 2 – The Danger Zone

  One of the cliché moves for a man experiencing mid-life crisis is the purchase of a car. Usually fast, often a convertible, and pricey. Luckily for me (or, more precisely, lucky for my pocket book), I've been employed in the car industry for (far too) many years. In my time, I've driven fast cars, … Continue reading Mid-Life Crisis Step 2 – The Danger Zone

Obligatory New Year’s Post

Somewhere in the unwritten rule book of blogging, there is an entire chapter on the importance of a New Year's post and how to write them. I'm sure if you pop around to all your favourite blogs over the next couple of days, you'll see them. Since there's no one in the world who likes … Continue reading Obligatory New Year’s Post

Online Dating: Men Are From Bars, Women Don’t Want To See Your Penis

This may come as a shock to all of you, but...men and women are different (many apologies to those who identify differently...limiting the gender terminology for the sake of ease). They look different, think different, act different, and they also have very different experiences of online dating. Also for the sake of my writing ease, … Continue reading Online Dating: Men Are From Bars, Women Don’t Want To See Your Penis

Mid-Life Crisis – The Beginning

In chatting with a...what do I call someone I've been messaging with, haven't met yet, but would like to see naked? Is that a friend? Acquaintance? I think there needs to be a new category for this. Anyway, during a recent conversation, the term mid-life crisis was called into question. This friend/acquaintance/like to get naked … Continue reading Mid-Life Crisis – The Beginning

Yup, They Know It’s Christmas Time

So we had a little bit of a good time about online dating last post, but it's time to get more serious, just for a minute. As I write this, it's Christmas Eve (even though you are not reading it until Christmas day or later). The importance of this fact is that I will wake … Continue reading Yup, They Know It’s Christmas Time

The Online Dating Game

It's been three and a half years since my ex and I split. The funny thing about that?When it happened, she was convinced I'd meet someone right away, fall in love, and move on with my life. One of those three has come to pass: I've moved on. No luck with the other two so far. … Continue reading The Online Dating Game