Re-Cover-Y (Part 1)

Not Carrie's finest hour After a Facebook post made by a fellow author in which she lambasted the silly cover someone put on Stephen King's Carrie, I began pondering how books--especially bestsellers that stay on the market for a long time (Carrie is 47 years old now, dontcha know)--go through many iterations of covers. It … Continue reading Re-Cover-Y (Part 1)

Icarus Fell on Sale

Icarus doesn't want you to read this book I've decided to run a free promo for On Unfaithful Wings from April 21st to 25th. Icarus is not very happy about it...turns out he's a private person and would prefer people don't find out how bad he is at his job helping souls on their way … Continue reading Icarus Fell on Sale

How Not to be a Successful Author

zombie, hallowe'en, costume

The original cover of my first published book I'm embarrassed to admit it's creeping close to a decade now since I self-published my first book. If everything had gone according to my grand design, I'd be sitting on a beach, sunglasses on to shield against the sun's glare off the screen of my laptop, a … Continue reading How Not to be a Successful Author

Thinking About EVH

It is Monday, Oct. 12, 2020 as I write this (Happy Thanksgiving, Canadians). It's been six days since lung cancer stole a legendary guitar player from the world...Eddie Van Halen. There are so many words available to describe the man and his work...genius, luminary, ground-breaking, enormous, mind-boggling...feel free to add your own descriptions in the … Continue reading Thinking About EVH

This World We’re Living In

Advance warning: this is my first post since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, so things might get a bit heavy. Let's start off with some positive things that have come from this pandemic. I belong to a Facebook support group for my community that offers help to people in need. It has over 10,000 … Continue reading This World We’re Living In

Midlife Crisis: The Beginning Part 2…KISS

You wanted the best, you got the best. The hottest band in the world...KISS!! In my first Midlife Crisis - The Beginning post, I talked about how one of the decisions I've made in the throes of this aging thang is to see concerts. The majority of shows I've seen and plan to see are … Continue reading Midlife Crisis: The Beginning Part 2…KISS

Online Daters Anonymous

Here's the thing about online dating: as much as it sucks, you can meet some horrible people, and it is soul-destroying, it is also addictive. Who doesn't want to spend a few hours a day seeing who viewed them, who wants to meet them or--maybe, just maybe--chatting with someone who could eventually turn out to … Continue reading Online Daters Anonymous

Half. A. Century.

  Today--January 20, 2019--is my 50th birthday. Half a century since the day of my birth. The beginning of my fifty-first year. As this day has been approaching, and as I have been writing on this blog and tossing around the term "midlife crisis" like it weren't no big thang, it turns out if kind … Continue reading Half. A. Century.

A Man’s Guide to Online Dating Part 2

  Welcome back for part 2 of A Man's Guide to Online Dating. If you're here, it means you either have thick skin and aren't easily offended, or you stumbled across this post and haven't actually read part 1 yet. If you haven't, you might want to go back and give it a read, just … Continue reading A Man’s Guide to Online Dating Part 2