Why Struggling?

Someone recently asked me why I consider myself a struggling writer. “You’ve written two novels,” this person said, “most people never write any.” True. “You’ve published your stories on-line and had them downloaded more than 20,000 times.” Also true, though all but two downloads have been free.

So here’s why struggling: Firstly, read my last blog (if you can put up with the whining it contained). I struggle daily to find the time to sit down at the laptop and accomplish something (as I write this, I’ve only managed to put fingers to keyboard two or three times in the last two weeks. I blame this on a lack of coffee, not a lack of desire).

Secondly, while I claim the $2.82 I’ve made so far from my writing qualifies me as a professional writer (an author, if you want to sound more fancy-pants about it), it’s not quite enough to finance my planned career as a full-time writer (though I believe it’s enough to qualify me for a few extra write-offs on my taxes). Until I’ve achieved the levels to which I aspire (fame and fortune aren’t necessary, but a lack of a day-job is definitely a goal), I will continue to struggle to get what I want. Now, I have friends who believe that to be an artist, to be creative, there has to be struggle and adversity, that to be a true artiste, you have to starve. That ain’t me. I’m not going to starve, nor will I require my family to do so. My definition of struggle is to work my ass off no matter what might stand in my way: job, sleep, money, whatever. When you have a real desire and passion for something you will do whatever it takes.

Let the struggle continue.

2 thoughts on “Why Struggling?

  1. wow, nicely said! the struggle to create is something most people never even CONSIDER because it sounds so “unsafe”….i’m behind you 110%! i’ll be clicking on “purchase” as soon as i finish rolling these damn pennies *laugh*
    keep it up, and thanks for blogging!

    1. Your writing is compelling and personal. I find I am thinking about Icarus Fell many times during the day. And I can’t wait to get back to find out what happens to him at night. (and during the day when I can read about him on paper)

      Keep up the great work. You definitely have a great talent for writing. I look forward to reading all of your books. ( If I get the job! )

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