A Little Help from my Friends

A little bit different blog this time around: I’m looking for a bit of assistance instead of forcing my views and opinions on the readership.

Here’s what’s going on: I’ve decided the name of one of my novels is not up to snuff and I’m asking for help to rename it.

The lowdown: the novel is currently titled “Harvester”. It’s about a fella by the name of Icarus Fell (yes, the name is on purpose) who is killed by muggers and wakes up 6 months later in a strange motel room with the archangel Michael offering him a job. What’s the job, you ask? Collecting souls of the newly deceased and helping them on their way to Heaven — a career known as harvesting. Icarus accepts reluctantly, is assigned a helper in the form of his guardian angel, Poe, and goes about his business. Things are pretty good until he’s asked to harvest the soul of Father Dominic, the priest who raised him after his mother (a nun) died in childbirth. Dominic wasn’t an exemplary father figure, so Icarus lets him get what he deserves: a trip to Hell. No big deal until someone starts killing off people from Icarus’ past — someone dressed like a priest who enjoys carving biblical references in his victims.

I don’t feel like “Harvester” gets across the genre (urban fiction) of the novel (my mother-in-law said it sounds like it’s about a farmer). Which brings me to this blog: I’m looking for suggestions.

Here’s my thinking — the title should have reference to one of the following: angels, the Icarus legend, Heaven/Hell, or anything else, really, if it’s good.

A couple ideas I’ve come up with:

“We the Fallen”

“Icarus Fallen”

“Once Were Angels”

“A Touch of the Soul”

I’m open to any and all suggestions, nothing is too ridiculous or too clever. If you think of anything, leave it as a comment or, if you’re shy, email me at bruceablake@hotmail.com

What will the selected suggestor get, you ask? The title they suggested on the cover of my novel, a thank you in the acknowledgements, a signed copy when it becomes available and my heartfelt appreciation.

Coming soon: help me choose a back cover blurb.

Thank you one and all.

4 thoughts on “A Little Help from my Friends

  1. I think your mother in law is right and that Harvester sounds like a book related to farming. However, I do think that you are on to something.
    What about The Soul Harvester? More precise….

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