What’s Happening?

I was looking back through my past few posts and noticed that, between my laziness and whining about my laptop situation, I haven’t really touched on my writing or the state of publishing in a while. So the time has come.

Let’s start with me. What have you been up to recently, Bruce?

Well, not writing as much as I should be, for starters. Life tends to get in the way more during the summer, and I let it this time. Between work, the kids out of school and my wife‘s ridiculous schedule with doing three Fringe Theatre Festivals, I’ve kind of let things slip a bit. I’m back on the proverbial horse now, though. I am currently editing the sequel to my urban fantasy novel “Harvester” (the sequel is as yet untitled, though I’m toying with “Redeemer” or “Saviour”, something like that). As for “Harvester”, I have sent it off to be professionally edited, a process which should take until around the middle of Oct. My goal is to get it back, do whatever re-writes may be necessary, and have it up and available through Kindle, Smashwords, et al, by Christmas time so everyone who gets an e-reader for Christmas can buy themselves a copy of my book.

Good thinking, hey?

If you look back through my posts, there was a time I was debating the title of the book. I have pretty much decided to go with “Harvester: Icarus Fallen Book I”. (That’s the Roman numeral for 1, not the letter I). It’s nice to have that sorted and now means I can start thinking about cover design.

I also recently submitted two of my short stories to the Naked Girls Reading Literary Contest. I don’t usually worry too much about either short stories or contests, but who can argue with the concept of Naked Girls Reading? (Plus my wife puts on the Victoria version). For any of you who are familiar with my stuff, I sent in “Wave Songs” and “Another Man’s Shoes”. I’d like to have sent some others, but their word limit was a bit too tight for most of my pieces.

I have also been working on the sequel to my heroic fantasy “Blood of the King” (the second book is “Spirit of the King”). I’m about 2/3 of the way through the first draft as “Blood” sits on the shelf awaiting a professional edit after “Harvester”. “Spirit” will be the end of that series, I have plans for at least 3 more novels featuring Icarus and the other characters from “Harvester” and two other stand alone novels that I am absolutely aching to get to. If only we could add a few more hours to the day (or I could figure out how to be more productive with the ones I have).

And did I tell you my story “Yardwork” has been picked up by Pseudopod? They are an on-line horror zine that podcasts the stories. “Yardwork” is scheduled to be available the week of Oct. 14, so keep your eyes open for that.

So there you go: what’s happening with Bruce.

As I said, there is also a lot going on in the publishing world, but I’ll leave that for the next post. I promise it won’t be too long.

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