Update #1

If you’ve been following along with my blog, you’ll know I went to bed a little disgruntled. The free promos on Kindle are supposed to start at 12am Pacific (which happens to be my time zone).  The price hadn’t been changed when I gave up and went to bed at around 1am (but it’s okay because I’m enjoying Game of Thrones).

Just like the kid at Christmas I mentioned last time, I awoke at 5:35 am and couldn’t help but grab my phone and check. Good news…sometime between 1 and 5:35am, the price got changed. At that time, it had already been downloaded 45 times.

As I sit here typing at 8:30am, my free listing was picked up be eReader News Today (considered one of the two biggies in the world of Kindle giveaways),  and my novel has been down-loaded for free 358 times from the U.S Kindle site, 14 times in the U.K. (plus one sale for my short story collection), and twice in Germany.

I feel like it’s a good start.

Now back to promo-ing and chewing my fingernails.

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