Lucky 7

Tag, I’m it.

Steven Montano hit me up to be part of this Lucky 7 meme. In Steven’s words, here’s how it works:

  • Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript
  • Go to line 7
  • Copy down the next seven lines/sentences exactly as they are
  • Tag 7 other authors

Doesn’t sound like too much work, so I think I have the time to indulge. I’m currently working on books three and four of my Khirro’s Journey heroic fantasy, so let’s see what’s happening on page 7 of book three. Oh, yes. Khirro and his magician companion, Athryn, have just narrowly escaped death at the hands of a ferocious giant.

“Get dressed.  Better to use sunlight for travel than sentiment,” Khirro said slapping the magician’s shoulder as he rose.

Athryn stood and brushed sand from his shirt as Khirro went to the giant lying motionless at the forest’s edge.  He approached cautiously, but the giant stared skyward, its eyes glassy and sightless; it didn’t move when he prodded its ribs with his toe.  Satisfied, Khirro grasped the Mourning Sword and removed it from the giant’s back.  A gout of blood followed it, the powdery sand absorbing it like a starving animal. The blade glowed and pulsed as the blood clinging to its steel disappeared, sucked into the runes twisted along its length.

Now I pass the baton to seven others? Hmm…who likes to play? How about:

Martin Crosbie

Jesse Leigh Murray

Chantal Boudreau

Virginia Higgins

Rachel Hunter

Autumn Birt

CJ West


5 thoughts on “Lucky 7

  1. Nice teasers to your novels, Bruce!

    Okay, I’m game. Once I get home and get access to my writing, I’ll post at Nomads. Should be fun! 🙂

  2. “I am the best insight into how Simon thinks because he thought the same way as Luthian. Simon made the things happen, Luthian was the one that set up the ideas and dished out the orders to carry them out. That’s why Simon has the ability to do what he has done, with one distinct advantage over my brother, one he never shared with anyone. The ability to tear rifts into different worlds. Simon was planning this all along. He knew eventually we would beat Luthian and it didn’t matter if it took us ten thousand years longer than it already had. Simon was patent. How much history was diverted from these worlds because of the very secrets we believed were for everyone’s benefit. How different could this place have been if we had chosen differently.”

    Faerytale trilogy – Book three – Truth… Page 77, 7th line – 7 lines (that are 8 on here)


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