Flash Fiction with Raymond Frazee

I imagine the main reason most authors agree to join blog tours is to gain exposure. God knows, there’s not much I like doing more than exposing myself, but there is a secondary benefit in that you get to meet and get to know other writers.

I’ve never met Raymond Frazee. My only exposure to the man has been through his Facebook posts and updates, which always include phrases like: “I’ve just finished editing…” or “I wrote XX words today”, or “I finished writing this section of…”. Honestly, it seems like Raymond does nothing but write, which makes me a  little bit jealous, but also has me looking forward to this week’s post in which Ray shares a piece of flash fiction with us.

Kathy stood upon the beach, smiling up at the tree.  It looked so strange there, set in such a precarious position over the hollow in the cliff wall.  Anyone walking along this stretch of beach would think it was going to fall over and be swept into the ocean.

Kathy knew better.

Nate was a co-worker who pestered the hell out of her.  He wouldn’t leave her alone.  He asked her out a couple of times, and the answer was always the same—“No.”  No way was she interested in him.

But that didn’t keep him from being a pain in her ass.  Some people would call it stalking; Nate called it being “persistent.”  She was about to go to the police when . . . she was doing her morning run.  Nate was waiting.  Nate tried to talk, and Kathy was having none of it.  He punched her, almost knocking her out, and while she was down—

He laughed about it afterward, telling her, as he zipped up, that he was “spreading his seed.”  Kathy saw the smug, sociopathic look on his face, and instantly knew what she was going to do.

“You didn’t get me pregnant,” she said, looking up at the tree.  “A hell of a case of Chlamydia, though; gawd knows who else you’ve been with—or raped.”  Kathy smiled, but it was far from a humorous smile.  “Now you get to keep spreading your seed—though not in the way you’d probably expected.

“As for me, I could have gotten in trouble with transforming you.  Maybe I did . . . my girlfriend is pregnant with triplets.  Like they say:  what you send out, comes back to you three-fold.”  This time her smile was much warmer. “When the girls are born, I’ll make sure we come here so you can see . . .”

Author Bio

 A native of Northwest Indiana, Raymond Frazee has been writing from a very early age, but has only recently seen success.  His first work, Kuntilanak, is a horror story self published on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon, in September, 2011.  His second story, Captivate and Control, is a story of mild erotica/BDSM, published on 6 May, 2012, by Naughty Nights Press, and also found on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.  He current has two novels being reviewed for publication:  one he calls “A modern steampunkish fantasy,” and the other he describes as “full of erotic horror”.

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