I’ll Do Anything So You’ll Read My Book

My next novel, Part 1 of my Khirro’s Journey epic fantasy, is called Blood of the King and will be available Sept. 15. I’m very excited about releasing something in a different fantasy sub-genre, and you’ll find this book — and part 2, Spirit of the King, which will be out next year — are very different from my Icarus Fell novels, in subject, style and tone. I don’t want to brag, but my editor has used the terms ‘masterpiece’ and ‘as close to perfect as any book I’ve read’. Lofty praise from someone who reads (and writes) books for a living.

Hope I can live up to that kind of hype.

Leading up to the release day, I will be doing the usual, so keep your eyes on this space for the cover reveal as well as excerpts. I’ll also be looking to visit other blogs and I’m considering running All Who Wander Are Lost for free for the first time to bring attention to my Amazon page.

Something new I’ll be doing this time around is tweeting the first chapter of the book starting Sept. 1. I’m not sure how much of it I’ll get out before the release date sending it out 140 characters at a time (fewer, actually, as I’ll have to number them and add a hashtag, so it will be more like 130 characters), but I’ll do my best. As I started posting on all the Facebook pages I belong to, and setting up tweets to let people know, the size of the task I set out for myself began to loom over me like the giant who kidnaps Khirro’s friends (buy the book to find out). I’m afraid this might take up considerably more time than I expect.

Oh well. I’ve told everyone now. Nothing to do but…do it.

Follow me on twitter to preview Blood of the King starting Sept.1. Each tweet will be numbered and hashtagged #BOTK, so if you miss one, you’ll be able to go back and catch up.  Now wish me luck as I cross my fingers and hope this works.


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