Tasha Made Me Do It…

Here I am, taking the last few steps toward the finish line. I’m nearly exhausted, my fingers ache from keystroke after keystroke, but inside me a jubilance builds because I am going to finish.

Along the way, I scoffed at others as they dropped out, or perhaps sat out a portion of the journey on the side of the road as the rest of us passed them, kicking up dust in our wakes. “I don’t have the time for this” they said. I shook my head, pursed my lips and help back my comments only to reach the next milestone, the next week, and nearly give in myself. But I pushed on, driven to make it to the end even when I didn’t feel like continuing with taskmaster Tasha cracking the whip at my back, posting on Facebook to remind me of my assignments. Her steely eyes were always on us, pushing us, encouraging us, keeping us on track, telling us we could do it.

Regular blogging is difficult work. No, let me correct that: GOOD, WORTHWHILE regular blogging is difficult work. because really, what’s the point of blogging if it’s not going to be good and worthwhile? If what you write isn’t interesting to read, what is the point? Would you write a short story about clipping your toenails? A novella about going to the library and reading a book in which nothing other than walking and reading happens? No you wouldn’t and, if you did, no one would take the time to read it. Such is also true about our blogs. There are hundreds of thousands of them out there, more likely millions. So why would anyone read mine?

There are many things I learned during the gruelling enduro race we refer to as the Tasha Turner Coaching Virtual Blog Tour. I learned that all of us Indie authors face time challenges, and that we all want to do our best. I learned that when a group of people who are working toward a similar goal band together (even if the goal is actually an individual one) great things can happen, that all of them can find their success. I learned that Ellie Mack has a unique perspective on how to play 3-on-3 basketball. But most of all, I learned what it takes to be a good blogger. I hope those of you who followed along enjoyed some of what you read and will continue following.

And finally, many thanks to Tasha and her team for this wonderful and well-run opportunity. It was fun and enlightening; make sure you put me on the invite list if you decide to do it again.

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