How Do You Like Me Now?

In keeping with the huge changes in my life (see my last post), I’ve decided to mix things up on then ole blog, too. I’m going to try out a few different themes to see which I like the best, add some pages, etc., etc. The home page and the other pages I will be adding (one dedicated to Icarus, one to my Khirro’s Journey epic fantasy, and one on being an independent author) are works in progress, so don’t judge me on them just yet, but let me know what you think about the look of the place. Do you like what I did with it? Should I move the couch? Change the drapes?  Put in a window?

And did you notice I changed my tag line, too? Instead of the old ‘thoughts and opinions of a struggling writer’, I’ve decided I’m done with struggling, and it is now ‘The thoughts and opinions of a writer on the rise’.

That’s right, bitches, it’s time to rise!

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