Proud Papa

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it on the blog before, but I am father to two amazing children.

Benevolent Dictator of Parrots

My son is now 18 years old and hasn’t lived with us for more than a couple of weeks at a time for about a year. He’s been making his own way through life and his goal is to be a spiritual guru. Yes, you heard me correctly. He’s not planning on being a rock star like I was at that age, or an actor like his mother wanted to be. His focus shifted a little while back from his first declared vocation (Benevolent Dictator of the World) to his current goal. And he will do it, possibly becoming Benevolent Dictator in the process. I know, because I’ve watched him over the years as he taught himself to play piano simply because he wanted to; I cringed as he figured out how to spin on his (thankfully helmet-clad) head and I clapped when he figured out how to do impressive hand stands. I’ve been telling people for years that my son will change the world.

And with all that, it is my 11-year-old daughter who recently impressed the hell out of me. She is a beautiful blond young lady who stands nearly a head taller than most of the kids her age (she gets that from her Dad, not her Mom). She is friendly to all, caring, and has a connection with animals like no one I’ve ever seen. And yesterday, she came home from school and told me she wanted to be part of Movember and that I had to take her to the store to buy fake moustaches (apparently 11-year-old girls do not have the ability to grow their own facial hair. Who knew?).

A pretty good ‘stache for one day!

So today we marched downtown and purchased 21 fake moustaches. These, combined with a handy-dandy eyebrow pencil, are the building blocks on which my daughter’s Movember campaign are being built. She will wear a moustache all day, every day, until the end of the month in an attempt to help raise funds in the search for a cure for prostate cancer. We will be posting pictures everyday, both on her Movember page and on my Facebook pages so everyone can keep up with the latest style. I want to stress that this is 100% her idea. I had nothing to do with it other than to register her on the Movember site and share it with all my friends.

Now, I’m pretty biased when it comes to my children, but you have to admit: that’s pretty cool.

If you would like to help my kind-hearted little girl out in her quest to raise money, you can find her here. And please tell your friends. Nothing would make her happier than to be a part of the solution.

9 thoughts on “Proud Papa

  1. You have some amazing children! I was just talking to my hubby about it. His grandfather died of prostate cancer years before I met him. We’d like to help spread the news.

      1. You are welcome. Always happy to help great causes. Hope her moustache grows big and plentiful :).

  2. Your family is unique in the fact the world isn’t all about them. You must be a fantastic dad and it is good to see you striving to build your childrens future. God Bless and will do what we can to spread the news.

    1. Thanks so much.I know some parents want to take credit for their children, but they are pretty amazing on their own and challenge us to keep up with them. Anything you can do to spread the word is greatly appreciated!

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