Proud Papa…Part 2

AfterBack in November, I did my first Proud Papa post. If you didn’t just follow that link, I’ll tell you that it was inspired by my 11-year-old daughter’s decision to take part in Movember to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer research and men’s mental health issues. She ended up raising $500 herself, and then won a contest for another $500, bringing her total to $1000. Not bad for someone who can’t even grow her own facial hair. Of note–her school also did a Movember campaign in which a number of the teachers grew mustaches and the kids donated by buying fake mustaches, and they raised about the same amount as my kid. (Keep your eyes open, next she is planning on raising money for the local children’s hospital with a friend).

For today’s Proud Papa post, I turn the spotlight on my 18-year-old son. A little background:

For starters, he has been pretty much a dream teenager. Not only has he never really gotten into trouble but, when he was bored with school, he accelerated himself and graduated a year early rather than slack off or drop out. And now, he is learning reiki and his life’s goal is to become a spiritual leader to help people to the new age of evolution and enlightenment.

I think his email he sent to his mother and I will better illustrate the source of my pride. As you read this, remember they are the thoughts of an 18-year-old. I am reprinting this email exactly as he sent it, with his permission.


I think that everyone in the world is a child, and that we must teach through our actions.

I think that we have much to learn from each other if we open our ears (and our hearts), and listen.
Responsibility, and Listening. Those are my two words for the new year.
I am responsible for my environment (for it is simply a mirror of who I am), and I pay close attention to the lessons that I am being taught.
There is a reason that children come from the womb with shape, it is because they already have form, life-times of karma and knowledge.
A single moment is birthed from the culmination of thousands, which will in-turn add to the culmination of another and another. Ceaseless moments that can only be understood by looking at the whole picture. There are eons of complexity and history that have led up to now, and now, and now. Where does it lead? Simply to another moment. Enjoy the now. Enjoy Infinity.

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