Author Interview: Teel James Glenn

Macbeth tj nobleWe met Teel James Glenn the other day and found out some pretty interesting things, but today we get down to the nitty gritty. Since I’m busily writing one manuscript and editing another, I called in a journalist friend to provide questions designed to reveal the true Teel James Glenn. Who this prolific author dressed in medieval garb? Let’s find out.


– Wow! According to your bio, you’ve done some pretty cool stuff. Because of that, I’m going to start off with the obvious question…what kind of name is Teel?

 It is Scots Gaelic and most often spelled Tiel or Tiehl – one sees it as a last name ( Killer John Wesley Harden had lawyer named John Tiel). It came down through my family.

 – Okay, back to the cool stuff. As a sword master, what is your favourite sword? Your favourite move?SongofWarriorPriest_lg

 I like a Patton Saber for the weight and ‘feel of it.

My favorite move is the Coupe-de Jarnac- a move that severs the tendons on the back of an opponent’s legs (behind the knee). Vicious but theatrically very spectacular.

 You’re on a desert island and you can only have one book with you…how the hell did you end up on a desert island, and how are you going to get off with nothing but a book?

 That damn drunken party on Mister Wayne’s yacht! Thank the gods the book I was holding in the waterproof pouch when I fell overboard was How to build a boat from drift wood.”

 What author would you most like to sword fight and why?

 George R R Martin- he’s famous, portly and old–I stand a good chance of surviving an encounter with him (though he does kill almost everyone he ever writes about)- so if I do survive I’ll be famous enough to sell some of my own books….

The beautiful young girl on decline lies on tree– Of your three names, only your first name doesn’t sound like a first name. In an average month, how many times do people mistakenly call you Glenn? How many times do they call you Pete?

Two or three people call me Glenn, I smile and laugh it off. No one calls me Pete and lives.

– Your bio says you have written over 25 books. Do you know how many over 25, or do you have trouble counting higher than that? Are there any other numbers you have difficulties with?

 The number keeps changing so I have to keep checking my emails to see if another one has made it into print-I am very prolific…

You win $1000000 in a lottery, but the deal is you can only keep half of it if you donate the other half to a totally made up charity. What is thes&S send charity, and why did you choose them?

I donate it to The Fund To Encourage Young People to Read Pulp Books in an effort find new readers for my next works…

– You have a fully stocked gourmet kitchen at your disposal and every cook book imaginable. What toppings do you order on your pizza when you’re feeling too lazy to cook?

I’m kind of old fashion and like my pizza either naked or with mushrooms- that’s it. Such toppings as pineapple or chicken on my sacred circle I believe is blasphemy!

You’ve written a lot of books, it must be difficult remembering them all. Without looking them up, name 10 of your characters and what book they’re in. Which is your favourite?

murder most faire-smallDr. Shadows, from Shadows of New York is my most stalwart hero, the mercenary Gideon Synn is my most emotionally damaged, the mystery solving Moxie Donovan and his wife Maxi Keller(stage name) are my most fun couple, Lastshot, Skorpion, Temper and the bickering brothers Goldstrike and Firststrike from the Exceptional books are some of the most exciting group to write.

Eric Knight, the fight choreographer/detective from Murder Most Faire is my autobiographical character and Jack Shane from Queen Morgana & the Renfairies is my most unusual detective, indeed on of the most unique I’ve read anywhere. Lastly Lord Shoutte from Songs of a Warrior Priest is, perhaps my most deeply realized over a whole spectrum of tales.

Which is my favorite–that is a Spohie’s choice- I love all my children.

What one book you didn’t write do you wish you did? Why? Have you ever considered legally changing your name to that of its author?

Hour of the Dragon. I’d change my name in a heartbeat to Robert E. Howard (love those three name names) if I could get away with it. Think of the royalty checks for the merchandizing- Conan movies, TV series, comics, toys…

– And finally, here’s the open-ended question: what do you want your readers and potential readers to know about you and your books?

That if they open one of my books they will find engaging, exciting characters and positive stories- no tales that glorify the dark or evil in the world. There is enough negativity in the world- fiction is to excite, uplift and give hope. One of my rules is I wont spend weeks writing about a character I wouldn’t want to spend ten minutes with in an elevator…

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