Cover Reveal! Secrets of the Hanged Man (Icarus Fell #3)

The final touches are happening to the manuscript as you read this…the last couple of misspellings corrected, the extra words removed, and the final i’s being dotted (screw the t’s, I say!). The third Icarus Fell novel, Secrets of the Hanged Man, comes out July 15th, but today you get to see the cover.

Those of you familiar the first two Icarus novels will note that the look of this cover is quite different from On Unfaithful Wings and All Who Wander Are Lost. I decided it was time for a change, so I had Travis from ProBook Covers pull out all the stops. I’m so happy with the results that Unfaithful and Wander are both getting a makeover to match the new book, so look for those covers in the next week or so.

Without further ado, I give you Secrets of the Hanged Man.


Icarus Fell thought the afterlife couldn’t get any worse…until Hell came looking for him.

When you are the orphaned child of a disgraced nun, and you’re saddled with a ridiculous name like Icarus Fell, you don’t expect things can go drastically downhill.

Until death comes along and an archangel recruits you for a job you screw up so badly you nearly lose your son to a demonic priest and a fallen angel.

And then, burdened by the lives lost because of your foul ups, you travel to Hell, a detour that costs you more dearly than you could ever have imagined.

No, things couldn;t get much worse in the afterlife…unless Satan sends his lap dog to bring back the one thing he thinks belongs to him.


Why couldn’t death be easy?





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