Author Profile: Robert Franks

Welcome to week two of my author profile series. This week I’ll be featuring two authors–Robert Franks and Chantal Boudreau. Meet Bob today, then find out some interesting facts about him in Friday’s interview, but make sure to stop in tomorrow to find out all about Chantal’s new book!


Robert Franks, author, The Glass AppleRobert Franks was born in Norfolk, England. His father was a dairy farmer, his mother a nurse and his sister a frequent sparring partner. Brought up in the middle of the Norfolk countryside, he grew up with JRR Tolkein, Anne Macaffrey and Alan Dean foster for company. Oh, and 12 dachshunds, a Welsh collie, two Pekingese, a great Dane, two bassett hounds, innumerable farm cats, a rabbit hutch of both rabbits and guinea pigs, a golden pheasant, some chickens and a rather cantankerous old goose.

He wrote from an early age, completing his first full length novel at the age of 15. It was never published, but certain characters never went away, and have resurfaced in his most recent books, The Glass Apple Series.

He worked as a shop manager for many years, and his writing was put, for the main part, to one side.
The first three chapters of The Glass Apple were finished way back in 1997, but again work took priority. In the winter of 2009, he was made redundant when his shop was closed. Since then he has returned to his first love, writing.

The first three books of the Glass Apple series (The Glass Apple; Spider’s Web; Song of the Shaman) are all already available in both paperback (via Amazon, Waterstone, Barnes & Noble, WHSmith, Angus & Robertson) and kindle form, with the 4th (Legacy of the Abandoned One) due for release in 2013.
Books by Robert Franks:

For orphans Jason, Kylie and Anna, magic was not a word that featured largely in their lives. At least, not until their American grandfather took them in. A comical old man with a name to match. Ethelbert Gobswistle. A magical camper van called Edsel transports them up to Yorkshire, where, in a bungalow called Cookiecrumb, they meet Gobswistle’s friend, a black plastic Christmas Fairy called Etain. Rambunctious, authoritative and opinionated, she brooks no nonsense from either the children or the old man. And gradually, the small group becomes a family. But an ancient mythical witch, The Medb, pursues the old man and his family. She seeks his source of magic, the Anguinum, a powerful crystal carved to resemble a green glass apple-shaped bowl. As they flee from her wrath, they seek the help of the Gwyllion, ancient fairies, who tell them they need three magical books in order to stop the ancient witch. But the books are hidden in the past. . .

On Amazon: The Glass Apple

Robert Franks, Spider's WebSPIDER’S WEB

Kidnapped by Blashie, Jason is being taken to Lord Huddour. But before he can be delivered to the waiting sorcerer, he is rescued by a surprising, and even more dangerous, figure. Kylie, Gobswistle and Etain are plunged into battle once again, and the young Changeling must come to terms with her new identity, or more than just she will pay the price. Eigyr brings the scroll before the king. It seems the scroll contains Jason’s final visions of the invasion of Kilneuair. But is the scroll from Jason, or is it a ploy of Jason’s kidnappers to trick the townsfolk? The struggle for the answer drives a rift between King and Druid, and Myrrdin falls from grace. And the plan for Kilneuair’s defence falls into jeopardy. As Alban Eiler draws ever closer, the confrontations between townsfolk and Vikings and between the children of prophecy and Huddour finally arrive. And what has become of the Medb?

On Amazon: Spider’S Web (The Glass Apple)

SONG OF THE SHAMANRobert Franks, Son of the Shaman
Christmas comes and goes. The seasons carry the Crowanhawk family through the next year, their lives filled with the search for Anna.
A second Christmas passes without their sister, and Spring arrives. Despite the words of Cernunnos, the search for Anna seems ever more futile.
But a chance discovery of an ancient book sends Jason and Kylie back through time, hope burning in their hearts once more.
Unable to follow, unaware of the children’s disappearance until it is too late, Gobswistle and Etain begin their own quest, to find the Anguinum that Myrrdin left in Kilneuair.
As Jason and Kylie travel through lands of myth and legend, and as Gobswistle and Etain travel through lands of cars, trains and televisions, none are aware their separate quests are leading them inexorably to the same point…

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