Author Interview: Rosie Bitts

So you met my wonderful wife the other day and found out that she’s not only an  actress, a singer, a keynote speaker, a mother and a burlesque performer, but also a writer. Today, we dig a little bit deeper and find out a little bit more and, if things go well, I won’t piss her off too badly.

Ladies and gentlemen…Rosie Bitts.


-You wrote a one-woman play, The Fabulous Miss Rosie Bitts, that clearly had a young man named Vincent in it, and now you’re writing another one-woman show which I happen to know involves a young man playing piano. What’s a man got to do to get a little credit?

I guess they need to write books with me. A certain Mr. Bitts is credited as co-writer for the Lady Corsairs.

young_pirate_bw– Of all the time periods available, why did you decide to write pirate erotica? Do you think you’ll ever write caveman erotica?

I love pirates!! They are sexy. Come on, hasn’t everyone had a little pirate erotica fantasy? Truth be told, I think it was actually Mr. Bitts’ idea, although I jumped on board whole heartedly. I love historical fiction and the idea of female pirates has always intrigued me – add some sexy stuff and you’ve got the Lady Corsairs. Many of you may not know this but, when Mr. Bitts and I got married, the wedding was a costume affair…Mr. Bitts dressed as a pirate.
– You’re an actress, singer, playwright, keynote speaker, teacher, and burlesque performer. Isn’t that enough? Why write erotica as well?

I have a million sexual scenarios in my mind that should be shared with the world in a way that won’t jeopardize my health or marriage. Plus, there’s not enough time to role-play them all. Enough said!
– Your husband is quite a roguishly handsome man. Now that you’re writing erotica together, do you find it even harder to keep other women from trying to steal him away?

My husband is roguishly handsome but I’m not worried other ladies will steal him away. If they ask, I’m happy to lend him out. I’m good at sharing (wink).
– According to your bio, you are known as the ‘Libido of Burlesque’. Do you think you have what it takes to become the ‘Libido of Literature’? Who do you think currently holds the crown?

I am a sexy kinda gal, and the Libido of Literature has a nice ring to it. Yes, I think I could give the rest of the players a run for their money. I would give the Libido of Literature award to Anne Rice. Even her books that don’t fall under the Erotica genre are sexy.

– ‘The Lady Corsairs’ is currently half way through its six-part run. Do you have plans for any more sexy stuff when it’s done?runamuck_Female_Detective

Mr. Bitts and I are thinking about creating a Noir Erotica novel, something in the vein of Dashiell Hammett and Mickey Spillane where I’ll be able to use the word ‘dame’. I am a very visual person and I love backdrops for the Erotica that create strong feeling, something rich and juicy that you can easily see in your mind.
– Who is your favourite erotica writer and why?

Anais Nin, without a doubt. She had a way of imbuing her words with sensuality. Even her journals are written with incredible beauty and insight.
– Have you ever thought about combining the pirate theme of your erotica into a burlesque performance? If so, what song would you perform to and would you wear an eye patch? Any chance of a pirate showing up in one of your one-woman shows (presumably he would be uncredited)?

There will be no pirate burlesque from me. I love to write about it and I’ve seen some tremendous pirate numbers, but I have no interest in creating one of my own. Noir on the other hand – I could totally see myself creating an Erotic Noir Burlesque number…hmmmm….
– What’s the most difficult thing about writing erotica with your husband? The most fun?

I could tell you what the hardest thing is (wink) but this is not that kind of blog.  The most fun part is the research – of course!! But a close second is that I get to write what I love, he gets to write what he’s good at, and then it fits beautifully together. I love that!

(I said difficult, Rosie…not hard!)

The author at her other job
The author at her other job

– Anything else you’d like to tell the readers about yourself and your books?

Please read. Not just our book but other indie authors as well. There is so much good stuff out their right now! If you like what your reading tell your friends and leave a review for the book. It’s the best way to love and support your local and indie authors. ❤

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