Finding Easter Eggs

imagesNo, this isn’t a post about a bunny hiding chocolate for the kids to find, though that is one of my favourite times of the year (I kinda like chocolate). It’s about a different kind of Easter Eggs…the ones Yahoo dictionary defines as ” a hidden message or feature, as in a video game or DVD.” Or a book.

Most of us have probably seen them pop up here and there. The first one I remember noticing in a book was when I was reading Stephen King’s excellent novella The Body (later made into the movie Stand By Me). In it, the boys sneak past a junkyard that has the meanest dog in town, until years later when a certain Saint Bernard got rabies. I’ve paraphrased, but I’d already read Cujo, so I caught the reference immediately.

The thing is, not all Easter eggs are immediately obvious to all readers, and that’s not terribly fair. It’s like when you know a good joke that you aren’t willing to share with everyone.

Since I’ve added a few Easter eggs in some of my books, I thought I’d let everyone in on the joke.

The first one I want to reveal has actually occurred in two of my books. You BLOOD3Lrgsee, I love my children a great deal, so I try to sneak their names in wherever I can. My son’s name is Erik, my daughter is named Anya.

Do you recognize where they’ve slipped in?

The first time it happened was in my Khirro’s Journey trilogy. The name of the kingdom from which Khirro hails is Erechania.

WHEN-SHADOWS-FALL-PBOOK005The next time is in my current epic fantasy series, the Books of the Small Gods. Two the main characters derive their names from my kids…Prince Teryk and Princess Danya.

I’ll be doling out more of my own Easter eggs over the next few weeks, so keep checking back. In the meantime, I found a great site where people list Easter eggs they’ve found in books, movies, video games, etc. Go check out to see if they have some you spotted.

What are some Easter eggs you’ve come across in your reading/viewing/playing? Do you like finding them?



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