And Night Descends…the Third Book of the Small Gods

Right after Christmas, something happened…something that’s happened before, but far too much time has passed since the last time.

I published a book.

More specifically, Ella and the wonderful team at Paper Gold Publishing published one of my books.

And Night Descends is the third book in the Small Gods series, preceded by When Shadows Fall and The Darkness Comes. The story of Teryk and Danya, Horace Seaman, Ailyssa, and all the others continues as they each chase their fate as it is inextricably linked to an ancient scroll and a prophecy of doom.


To raise the Small Gods, a Small God must die,
When stars go out, the end is nigh.
One must die to raise them all,
Should Small Gods rise, man will fall,
One can stop them, on darken’d wing,
The firstborn child of the rightful king.


The moment Teryk and Danya, the royal siblings, spoke the words inscribed on the long-forgotten scroll, they foolishly set in motion events destined to bring about the prophecy’s predictions. Teryk is the firstborn, but why do the words only make sense to his sister?

As they each launch themselves recklessly into a heroic mission to save mankind, it seems inevitable that key elements in this game of the gods would be drawn to one another and collide with frightful and yet-unfathomable consequences.

With a Small God already captured and being dragged to his death by a colossal, bloodthirsty golem, is it too late to turn back fate? Can any of them find a way to resist their destinies?

Intrigue in the court, an impenetrable veil between two worlds, escape, sacrifice, retribution and magic pull the strings of these puppets of destiny on a massive, creation-spanning chessboard hidden in shadow, veiled in darkness, lost in the night.


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