A Return to Blogging

I know what you’re thinking…”we’ve heard this before.” Bruce is feeling guilty again about Author photonot exposing himself to public consumption (eeww…I didn’t mean for that to sound so naughty), so he’s found a burst of energy and is back to tell us that he’s going to return to blogging, at least on a semi-regular basis.

Okay, yeah…that’s kind of it.

There’s a difference this time, though. I’m simply going to write whatever the hell I want to write on my blog. Every writer and their dog writes about their craft, their struggle, why not to use adverbs, and so on, and so on, and so on. There are so many that, not only is it tough to find any particular one in the haystack of blog detritus, but don’t they all end up saying kind of the same thing anyway?

Let’s face it…if your a writer, it might be a good idea to be writing instead of writing about writing or frittering away your non-Facebook hours reading someone else’s method…go find your own.

And if you’re a reader…do you really give a fuck? I mean really? You might have some interest in what Stephen King or JK Rowling has to say, but will knowing how I edit or where my ideas come from make you sleep better at night or enjoy my books more?

Not a chance.

So I’m going to take leave of being so vain as to think my blogged writing advice has more value than either Strunk & White or King’s On Writing. You want to learn about how I write? Go read all the writing advice books you can, and then the classics in your chosen genre, and then a bunch of the horrible ones, too. That’s what I did.

Of course, I’m not going to get completely away from all things book-related. I will be inundating you with propaganda when I have a new release, I’ll share sparkling reviews or successes, tell you about when other authors worth reading have books you should know about, and post about anything else that tickles my fancy. Also, it you are a fellow writer and feel like crafting a guest post, or you’re a reader who feels they have something important to say, I’m happy to share my soapbox. Fire me off an email and we’ll work something out.

For the most part, though, you’ll be reading my thoughts and opinions, just like the little subtitle on my blog says. I seem to have divorced myself from that tagline almost as soon as I wrote it. No more.


There’s a definite chance you’ll encounter foul fucking language and opinions you don’t agree with. Disagreeing with me is your right but, if you want to engage in discussion about any topic, you will be expected to do so intelligently and respectfully. This quote of unknown origin I came across on Facebook kind of sums up my stance:


Since I am a straight, cis-gender, white male, it’s difficult to oppress me, deny my humanity, or my right to exist, so this applies to everyone. If your disagreement of anything I write is rooted in any sort of oppression, then you’re just a fucking idiot.

So, welcome to the new blog, not the same as the old blog. I hope you find something entertaining, thought-provoking, startling, or maybe even anger-inducing. If you’re lucky, I might let my dog write a post someday, too.


Oh, and before I let you go: this little book here comes out July 5. Go pre-order yourself a copy…you won’t be sorry (it’s more than just a kick-ass cover).

BOK.e (3)

Pre-order here

See you next time!


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