Hello, My Name is Bruce

IMG_20181029_214736_resized_20181218_120533378For the first time in a long time, I thought to myself: it’s time to write on my blog again. It wasn’t until I actually visited that I realized it has been almost a year since the last time I posted.


Since it’s been so long, I’ve decided to start over from the beginning.

Hi. My name is Bruce. I started this blog years ago because I’m a writer, and a blog is one of the things a writer is supposed to do to distract themselves from actual writing. There’s an old adage that says “write what you know.” So what did I blog about? Well, writing, of course. Like about a billion other writers. Because what else besides the mechanics of writing does the average internet browser want to read about, right?

What I’ve come to realize since then is there is a lot more I know than just writing. Yes, I have published nine novels, but I am also a nearly fifty year old man who has raised two children to near-completion, worked in a couple of different careers, is twice divorced and currently trying to navigate on-line dating, teeters on the edge of a mid-life crisis (okay, the motorcycle license and new tattoos may suggest something more severe than teetering), and struggles daily with the concept of aging alone.

Fuck writing. Everyone I tell I’ve published all those novels thinks it’s a pretty amazing accomplishment, but how many of them want to know the nitty gritty behind how they were written? I’d say approximately zero.

How many of you want to hear stories of dating mishaps and foibles?

Three? That’s it? Oh, well, it’s still more than zero.

belt-black-buckle-63585So buckle in. No more posts on writing (or very few, at least). Instead, let’s dig up some stories from the vaults, have a look at the life of a man feeling a little bit scared of getting older and being lonely. Sounds heavy? Maybe sometimes, but I’ll do my best to make you laugh because, really, what else can you do?

13 thoughts on “Hello, My Name is Bruce

  1. A little dark life experience with humour…I’m reading!

    I admire your talent and persistence. I’ve always written for my own pleasure and I write blogs for my clients as part of my day job. That damn time conundrum though.

    1. I decided to get back to blogging as a way to occupy my brain when I might do wasteful things like watching tv. I’m done binging Brooklyn 99, so it’s time for a new challenge. Hopefully your uncle’s dark life experience won’t be too shocking for you, Tash. 😉

  2. “Fuck writing.”

    Now that’s something I can get behind. Like you, I started my blog because, as writer, I thought I should, and yeah, why not write about writing. I’ve not blogged in a while because, like you, I realize there’s just so much of it out there! Personally, it reads to me as a bit of a circle jerk, with occasional mutual touching, and I sneaked away from it with a bad taste in my mouth. 2019 is coming and it’s time to do fresh things. Reading your post has inspired me. Maybe I’ll blog about my workout life or other fun things I do. I can certainly say I’ll be looking forward to your posts.

    1. Thanks for reading, John.
      I laughed out loud reading your comment…not sure if it was intentional that your line mentioning the circle jerk and mutual touching ended with the admission of a bad taste in your mouth, but I couldn’t help but chuckle at it.
      Let us know when you get back to blogging…I’d love to check it out!

      1. Hah! Actually I read your other posts on the world of online dating first and had a feel for the adult language threshold.

        Funny story…I’ve been seeing your posts by email through an old blog I used to run and at first I thought you got hacked by a dating chat bot. I tried to find how I could get ahold of you to tell you. I’m like, “This is the fantasy writer, right? Something’s wrong…” I went over to your blog to investigate and then got the big picture. You had me at “Fuck writing.” Actually, I’m glad I was wrong, because you’ve inspired me a lot!

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