A Return to Blogging

I know what you're thinking..."we've heard this before." Bruce is feeling guilty again about not exposing himself to public consumption (eeww...I didn't mean for that to sound so naughty), so he's found a burst of energy and is back to tell us that he's going to return to blogging, at least on a semi-regular basis. Okay, … Continue reading A Return to Blogging


For those of you who are regular followers of my irregular blog, you are aware that I tend to lean toward writerly subjects. Often you will find me posting about doing promo, or the craft of writing, or my journey along the self-publishing path. Occasionally, I throw in a post about my kids when they … Continue reading Textupidity/Dietribe

The Bittersweet End

Like everyone else, there are events in my life that will stay with me for as long as I live. Some are happy, some sad, some produce feelings and emotions that are impossible to explain. I'll never forget my first date with my wife, our out-of-the-ordinary costume party backyard wedding, the birth of my daughter, … Continue reading The Bittersweet End

These Are The Days Of Miracle And Wonder

It's been a while since the last time I posted (over 2 weeks if you don't count Emily Ward taking things over for a day). "Why?" you might wonder aloud, and rightfully so. "Why would an independent author who relies so much on interaction with people to sell books neglect his blog for an extended … Continue reading These Are The Days Of Miracle And Wonder

The Saga of the Laptop – Finale

I shut the door behind me and drag my ass down the hall, the weight of the day and the laptop case heavy on my shoulders.  Entering the living room, I let the strap slide from its perch on my shoulder, catching it so the eight-year-old computer it contains only thumps the floor lightly: I … Continue reading The Saga of the Laptop – Finale