A Return to Blogging

I know what you're thinking..."we've heard this before." Bruce is feeling guilty again about not exposing himself to public consumption (eeww...I didn't mean for that to sound so naughty), so he's found a burst of energy and is back to tell us that he's going to return to blogging, at least on a semi-regular basis. Okay, … Continue reading A Return to Blogging

Some Important Words on Crowd Funding

One of the latest crazes in the world of publishing (and well beyond) is using crowd funding to finance your writing project. Success stories of people who exceeded their wildest expectations abound. In fact, a personal friend of mine ran a Kickstarter campaign a year ago, aiming to raise $4000 to write his novel designed … Continue reading Some Important Words on Crowd Funding


For those of you who are regular followers of my irregular blog, you are aware that I tend to lean toward writerly subjects. Often you will find me posting about doing promo, or the craft of writing, or my journey along the self-publishing path. Occasionally, I throw in a post about my kids when they … Continue reading Textupidity/Dietribe

Proud Papa…Part 2

Back in November, I did my first Proud Papa post. If you didn't just follow that link, I'll tell you that it was inspired by my 11-year-old daughter's decision to take part in Movember to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer research and men's mental health issues. She ended up raising $500 herself, and then won … Continue reading Proud Papa…Part 2