How Not to be a Successful Author

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The original cover of my first published book I'm embarrassed to admit it's creeping close to a decade now since I self-published my first book. If everything had gone according to my grand design, I'd be sitting on a beach, sunglasses on to shield against the sun's glare off the screen of my laptop, a … Continue reading How Not to be a Successful Author

Thoughts on Promo for Indie Authors

One of the things I love in reading other author's blogs is when they share stories of the road they travelled to get to where ever they got. Since I enjoy reading them, I thought it was time for me to do the same...hopefully some of you can find something useful in my experiences. It … Continue reading Thoughts on Promo for Indie Authors

I’ll Do Anything So You’ll Read My Book

My next novel, Part 1 of my Khirro's Journey epic fantasy, is called Blood of the King and will be available Sept. 15. I'm very excited about releasing something in a different fantasy sub-genre, and you'll find this book -- and part 2, Spirit of the King, which will be out next year -- are very … Continue reading I’ll Do Anything So You’ll Read My Book

99 Cents? $2.99? More?

I've been doing a little research over the last couple of weeks, using myself as the guinea pig (apologies to out of work guinea pigs everywhere). It began on July 19 when I made my urban/dark fantasy novel On Unfaithful Wings free through the KDP Select program for three days. This isn't the first time I've done this; … Continue reading 99 Cents? $2.99? More?

Looking for Like-Minded Fantasy Authors

I've been spending a lot of time recently pondering my situation and reading the thoughts of others (like Russell Blake, for instance). What have I been pondering, you might ask? Well, the dilemma of getting exposure and selling more books. Up until recently, one of the best ways was to sign up to KDP Select and … Continue reading Looking for Like-Minded Fantasy Authors

What Readers Want?

If you've been following, then you know for my last post I got a little behind schedule/disorganized/lazy and, instead of writing an entirely new post, I cobbled together a couple of lines and then added an excerpt from my novel, "On Unfaithful Wings". Truthfully, there were two reasons why I chose this route: 1. I … Continue reading What Readers Want?

Liked It? Review It!

Making decisions is something most of us don't relish. I'm not talking about the big decisions here -- buying a house or car, getting married, moving, having children (not always a decision!) -- I'm talking about the little things. We've all had this conversation while driving or walking along with our significant other: "Where do … Continue reading Liked It? Review It!

Kindle Free Promo Update #5 – Final

Well, it's finally over. Three days of stress, near-constant twitter and Facebook exposure and constant statistics checking (I think my laptop gave me a tan on my face) are done. I'm relieved. My wife is ecstatic. My kids get to see their Dad again. I think even the hamster feels a little less stressed-out. Here's … Continue reading Kindle Free Promo Update #5 – Final