Yup, They Know It’s Christmas Time

So we had a little bit of a good time about online dating last post, but it's time to get more serious, just for a minute. As I write this, it's Christmas Eve (even though you are not reading it until Christmas day or later). The importance of this fact is that I will wake … Continue reading Yup, They Know It’s Christmas Time

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Novelist

by Bruce Blake This post originally appeared on the Guild of Dreams blog on April 6, 2015 but, in the interest of giving myself a kick in the as to get back to blogging again, I am reposting it here for anyway ho may have missed it. A lot has changed in my life since … Continue reading The Loneliness of the Long Distance Novelist

Notes on a Silent Epidemic

So here's a thing: my newest release happened yesterday. Conventional wisdom says I should be pushing that, but what kind of man would I be if my first post was about not being too writing/book centered on the blog, and then my next post was nothing but pimping a new book? Not much of a … Continue reading Notes on a Silent Epidemic

Excuses, Excuses – Part 1

In the year and a bit I've been working at my day job, it has been fairly common knowledge that I am a writer, but it wasn't until my recent announcement of my Small Gods series being released through Paper Gold Publishing that my co-workers really sat up and started paying attention. Since then, I've … Continue reading Excuses, Excuses – Part 1

How Not to Write a Blog

It's a good idea that, when you're writing a blog with the intent of imparting wisdom, opinion, ideas, creating a following or simply rambling in public, you actually get down to work and write the damn thing every once-in-a-while. This is an area in which I've been falling down of late -- I think it's been … Continue reading How Not to Write a Blog


Writing can be difficult. I don't say that to garner accolades from anyone about the fact I am a writer; I'm sure the same holds true for other disciplines. Sometimes a pianist finds playing piano difficult. Sometimes an athlete isn't as good at their chosen sports as they are at other times. Even birds fly … Continue reading Creativity/Therapy

A Little Help from my Friends

A little bit different blog this time around: I'm looking for a bit of assistance instead of forcing my views and opinions on the readership. Here's what's going on: I've decided the name of one of my novels is not up to snuff and I'm asking for help to rename it. The lowdown: the novel … Continue reading A Little Help from my Friends