Author Interview: Rosie Bitts

So you met my wonderful wife the other day and found out that she's not only an  actress, a singer, a keynote speaker, a mother and a burlesque performer, but also a writer. Today, we dig a little bit deeper and find out a little bit more and, if things go well, I won't piss … Continue reading Author Interview: Rosie Bitts

Feature Author: Rosie Bitts

Yes, you're correct...if you follow my blog, you know that Rosie is my wife. But that doesn't change the fact she is also an author. Besides having published the first three parts of a historical erotic romance pirate adventure serial (The Lady Corsairs), she also co-wrote her multiple award-winning one woman play, The Fabulous Miss … Continue reading Feature Author: Rosie Bitts

2-For-1 Cover Reveal

Thought I would save those precious electrons that power the interwebs and kill two cover reveals with one blog post. Let me know what you think! ----- Khirro's Journey: The Complete Trilogy Release date: April 25 A coward. A king. A curse. A quest. Follow the fate of Khirro, a farmer who never wanted be … Continue reading 2-For-1 Cover Reveal

New Release! The Invitation (The Lady Corsairs Part 1)

When my wife suggested that we write an erotica serial together, I was both excited and a little nervous. I shouldn't need to explain why I was excited to you...unless you missed the part where I said 'write erotica with my wife'. Nervous, however, came from a few sources: new genre, a serial, historical...and writing … Continue reading New Release! The Invitation (The Lady Corsairs Part 1)

Guest Post: Scott Bury and One Shade of Red

The Easter bunny has brought something a little bit special--and a little bit naughty--to the blog for you today. In preparation for the launch of his new (erotica) book, One Shade of Red, talented author Scott Bury is gracing us with an excerpt. He promised me that the excerpt he provided would be something I … Continue reading Guest Post: Scott Bury and One Shade of Red

Cover Reveal Part 2 – The Invitation

Continuing this week's erotica theme on the blog, it's time for another cover reveal. This one is written by someone very close to my heart--my wife--with a little help from someone else who is very special to, me. Coming April 1, The Invitation, part one of our historical erotica serial, The Lady Corsairs. ----- … Continue reading Cover Reveal Part 2 – The Invitation

Cover Reveal Part 1 – One Shade of Red

It is the week of erotica cover reveals here on the old blog! Let's start things off with my good friend Scott Bury's upcoming release One Shade of Red, available April 2. ----- Women want the perfect man, so they can change him. But when university student Damian Serr discovers a rich, beautiful woman who’s … Continue reading Cover Reveal Part 1 – One Shade of Red

On Today’s Blog: The Ellie Mack Attack!

I'd like to welcome to the blog Ellie Mack, a terrific writer and all around good sport (something one needs to be to agree to an interview'll see). Let's see what's going on in Ellie's world. For my readers who might not have met you yet, tell us a little about yourself and your … Continue reading On Today’s Blog: The Ellie Mack Attack!