Thoughts on Promo for Indie Authors

One of the things I love in reading other author's blogs is when they share stories of the road they travelled to get to where ever they got. Since I enjoy reading them, I thought it was time for me to do the same...hopefully some of you can find something useful in my experiences. It … Continue reading Thoughts on Promo for Indie Authors

7 Free Books!

Canadian, friend, author, and all-around good guy Scott Bury and six of his best friend writers are giving away their books to celebrate the long weekend. Sounds better than fireworks to me! Have a look at these great authors and their books below, then go get yourself some great reads, for free! Tell us about … Continue reading 7 Free Books!

99 Cents? $2.99? More?

I've been doing a little research over the last couple of weeks, using myself as the guinea pig (apologies to out of work guinea pigs everywhere). It began on July 19 when I made my urban/dark fantasy novel On Unfaithful Wings free through the KDP Select program for three days. This isn't the first time I've done this; … Continue reading 99 Cents? $2.99? More?

All Who Wander Are Lost – Cover Reveal

The second Icarus Fell novel, All Who Wander Are Lost, is set for release on Tues., July 17. To celebrate, the electronic version of the book will be available for on ly $0.99 for a limited time, and the first Icarus novel, On Unfaithful Wings, will be FREE July 19-21! Watch this space over the … Continue reading All Who Wander Are Lost – Cover Reveal

The Finish Line

It's been a couple of days since I finished my free promotion on Kindle for "On Unfaithful Wings", so it's time to round-up the results and see how everything came out. Let's start with the numbers. Total downloads: 9558 (9399US, 97UK, 61DE and 1IT). My highest overall ranking on Kindle's free "Bestsellers" list was #23; I hit … Continue reading The Finish Line

Observations on a Kindle Free Promo – Halfway

In my last post, I suggested there may be a link between Kindle free promo success and being listed in one or both of Pixel of Ink and eReader News Today. Now, halfway through my second free promotion, I have some proof. During my last promotion for "On Unfaithful Wings" (a Fri-Sun run, March 23-25), eReader News Today (ENT from … Continue reading Observations on a Kindle Free Promo – Halfway


The debates have raged over whether giving books away through Amazon's KDP Select program is a good idea or not. Some argue that giving away something you worked so hard at devalues the process. Others don't like the idea of being exclusive to one platform. Still others swear by it. I can only give my opinion based … Continue reading Watching…Waiting…Hoping

What Readers Want?

If you've been following, then you know for my last post I got a little behind schedule/disorganized/lazy and, instead of writing an entirely new post, I cobbled together a couple of lines and then added an excerpt from my novel, "On Unfaithful Wings". Truthfully, there were two reasons why I chose this route: 1. I … Continue reading What Readers Want?

4 Days Later…

No, this blog is not the chronicles of what happened 24 days before Cillian Murphy awoke from his coma to find most of London devoured by zombies (though it would probably make a good movie--lots of people to kill and eat). Instead, it's to fill you in about what's gone on with my novel, "On Unfaithful Wings" … Continue reading 4 Days Later…