Author Interview: Rosie Bitts

So you met my wonderful wife the other day and found out that she's not only an  actress, a singer, a keynote speaker, a mother and a burlesque performer, but also a writer. Today, we dig a little bit deeper and find out a little bit more and, if things go well, I won't piss … Continue reading Author Interview: Rosie Bitts

Feature Author: Rosie Bitts

Yes, you're correct...if you follow my blog, you know that Rosie is my wife. But that doesn't change the fact she is also an author. Besides having published the first three parts of a historical erotic romance pirate adventure serial (The Lady Corsairs), she also co-wrote her multiple award-winning one woman play, The Fabulous Miss … Continue reading Feature Author: Rosie Bitts

2-For-1 Cover Reveal

Thought I would save those precious electrons that power the interwebs and kill two cover reveals with one blog post. Let me know what you think! ----- Khirro's Journey: The Complete Trilogy Release date: April 25 A coward. A king. A curse. A quest. Follow the fate of Khirro, a farmer who never wanted be … Continue reading 2-For-1 Cover Reveal

New Release! The Invitation (The Lady Corsairs Part 1)

When my wife suggested that we write an erotica serial together, I was both excited and a little nervous. I shouldn't need to explain why I was excited to you...unless you missed the part where I said 'write erotica with my wife'. Nervous, however, came from a few sources: new genre, a serial, historical...and writing … Continue reading New Release! The Invitation (The Lady Corsairs Part 1)

The Saga of the Laptop – Finale

I shut the door behind me and drag my ass down the hall, the weight of the day and the laptop case heavy on my shoulders.  Entering the living room, I let the strap slide from its perch on my shoulder, catching it so the eight-year-old computer it contains only thumps the floor lightly: I … Continue reading The Saga of the Laptop – Finale