Out Now: Blood of the King

A kingdom torn by war. A curse whispered by dying lips. A hero born against his will. Khirro never wanted to be anything more than the farmer he was born to be, but a Shaman's curse binds him to the fallen king and his life changes forever. Driven by the Shaman's dying words, Khirro's journey … Continue reading Out Now: Blood of the King

New Release from Scott Bury

Now available from Scott Bury, best-selling author of The Bones of the Earth and Army of Worn Soles: Dead Man Lying A Lei Crime Kindle World Mystery She knows when you’re lying …FBI Special Agent Vanessa Storm is back on Maui to catch a killer. With lush rain forests, black sand beaches, and a laid-back … Continue reading New Release from Scott Bury

And Night Descends…the Third Book of the Small Gods

Right after Christmas, something happened...something that's happened before, but far too much time has passed since the last time. I published a book. More specifically, Ella and the wonderful team at Paper Gold Publishing published one of my books. And Night Descends is the third book in the Small Gods series, preceded by When Shadows Fall and … Continue reading And Night Descends…the Third Book of the Small Gods

A Book for Christmas…or 23

What would be better that picking up a great ebook for your loved one for only 99 cents? How about 10 fantastic reads for 99 cents? Or 13? That's exactly what the folks at Paper Gold publishing have offered up just in time for the holidays: not one, but two sets of great fantasy, each … Continue reading A Book for Christmas…or 23

The Stealthy Novel Release

First off...happy holidays to one and all. I hope you all got to spend time with loved ones, enjoying all the things that are most important to you. Sometime during these couple of days of holidays, I published The Darkness Comes (The Second Book of the Small Gods). Contrary to everything we indie authors are … Continue reading The Stealthy Novel Release

New Release! CHAIN OF SHADOWS by Steven Montano

If you're not reading Steven Montano's BLOOD SKIES series, you're missing out. Part fantasy, part dystopian sci-fi, part horror, and all good, the BLOOD SKIES series has something for all fans of speculative fiction, and today marks the release of part six of the series: CHAIN OF SHADOWS. Do yourself a favor and work your … Continue reading New Release! CHAIN OF SHADOWS by Steven Montano

Meet the Cast: Thorn

The final character to be introduced in WHEN SHADOWS FALL is Thorn. In writing this character, I wanted to go for a more whimsical voice to counter balance the melancholy of N'th Ailyssa Ra and the over-the-top nature of Horace Seaman's sections. As a result, Thorn is a character who has spent his life with … Continue reading Meet the Cast: Thorn

Meet the Cast: N’th Ailyssa Ra

In my 'Meet the Cast' post about Horace Seaman, I mentioned one of the things I tried to do when writing WHEN SHADOWS FALL was to give each of the characters their own unique voice. Part of the reason I wanted to do this was also because I wanted to write characters who were not … Continue reading Meet the Cast: N’th Ailyssa Ra

Steven Montano Keeps Writing Books

I've had a few people act impressed by my productivity, but I guess they haven't met Steven Montano. It seems like every time I blink, Steven has a new book ready to hit the electronic shelves. I swear, the guy writes them so fast, he must leave blank paper on the workbench for the elves … Continue reading Steven Montano Keeps Writing Books