Re-Cover-Y (Part 2)

I suppose the easiest way to do this is to take things in order. Since we began with Icarus, that makes Khirro the next in line.

The circumstances behind the change to Khirro’s covers are completely different than the impetus behind the Icarus Fell series change. While Icarus was very obviously in need of a makeover the first time around, and needs to be more “to market” now, Khirro changed clothes due to a change of scenery.

The Khirro’s Journey trilogy sold quite well when I first released it with the original covers; it was only a shift from my possession to that of a publishing company which prompted the change. When my editor, the amazing Ella Medler, decided she was going to start her own publishing company, she invited me to come along, and one part of that package was getting the emperor some new clothes (okay, there’s no emperor in the books, but there’s a king and an Archon). This time, the cover duties shifted from Travis at Pro Book Covers to Steve at Darkmantle Designs…both great, but quite different.

Again, I think the more recent covers are a bit more “to market” than the originals. The only other change that has been made to them was making the titles white rather than grey and red, just to make them easier to read when they are tumbnails.

A couple of quick notes for you about the Khirro’s Journey trilogy: Blood of the King will be available for free through Amazon Kindle from May 26-30, so it’s a great time to start the series of you haven’t yet.

Also, I’ve begun the process of turning the entire trilogy into audiobooks! Keep your eyes on the blog in future weeks as I pass along the process and how it’s going as well as give updates for when the latest creation goes live!

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