Getting Ready…

Wow, there’s lots to do to get ready to run a free promo for my novel, “On Unfaithful Wings”. Last blog, I let everyone know what they could do to help me, now I thought I’d let you guys know what I’ve been doing so you don’t think I’ve been leaving it all up to you.

First, I re-did the cover of the novel. It’s the same picture, but I changed the font and colours so it’s easier to read in thumbnail form. I’m not 100% satisfied with the final result, but it’s better and will have to do until after the promo is done. I also uploaded a new version of the novel itself. For those of you who might already have a copy — don’t panic. The novel hasn’t changed, I just deleted the free story that had been included (“Yardwork”) and inserted the first chapter of the next Icarus book (it’s got a title now: “All Who Wander Are Lost”) as well as the first chapter of my epic fantasy, “Blood of the King”. I’m hoping to have both novels published by the end of the summer.

Secondly, I’ve been sending notices to sites that specialize in listing free or cheap Kindle books. I’ve found fourteen so far (actually sixteen, but two of them needed more notice than I could give). There’s no guarantee any of them will list my book, but it is very beneficial if they do (one I know has 10000 twitter followers). I will include a list of links at the end of the blog for any of my author friends who might find themselves in my position.

Next, I’ve tried to be active on Twitter and Facebook, posting, re-tweeting, commenting, liking, helping others promote their work (us authors have to stick together and help each other out). I’ve also been involved in Kindle Boards (the forum for Kindle authors and readers). Now, to some of you, that might not sound like much work, but anyone who has ever done any promotion on social media (are you reading this, Goose?), you know it can absolutely eat your life.

Whew, that’s lots. Done, right? Wrong.

Tomorrow will be more social media mostly. Then, on Friday, when the free promo has begun I have a list of five or so Facebook sites to promote to and another 5+ tweeps to get it out to (is that the correct terminology? Tweeps? I’m not totally up on my twitter-cabulary). All Friday, Saturday and Sunday will involve stat-watching, screen-refreshing, hand-wringing, finger-crossing, breath-holding, et al. Oh, and I’ll probably throw in a few blogs along the way to keep everyone posted with how things are going.

That’s it for now. As promised, find links to places I used below. And hey… don’t forget to tell your friends where they can get a good read for free.



Free Kindle Dude   E-Reader News Today   Freebooksy   Pixel of Ink   Kindle on the Cheap   The Frugal E-Reader   Bargain EBook Hunter   The Kindle Daily Deal   The Digital Ink Spot   Books on the Knob   Digital Book Today (scroll to the bottom)   Free EBooks Daily   Indie Books List


Digital Book Today also has some great tips on marketing and maximizing free days on Kindle.   Hope that helps!

4 thoughts on “Getting Ready…

  1. Bruce,
    I was doing some quick check on emails and your blog was awaiting me. I had to stop today, read it, and leave you a comment. You are doing fantastic work on prepping for the promo and getting the word out there. If all goes well today I’ll be around during your free promo more then just downloading the book so I’ll hit up my facebook walls and RT to help out a bit more. Great work so far though. You’re going to do fantastic. I absolutely can’t wait!

    1. Thanks, Misty. It’s thanks to people like you that I’ve been able to prepare as well as I have. Now a lot of it is in the hands of sites like POI and ENT to pick me up and do their part.

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